Meet Our Team

At Springboard Home Team, we take pride in being intelligent, thoughtful, creative problem solvers.  We listen to what’s important to you and employ creative, win-win-win solutions so you feel confident you’re making good decisions about your most valuable asset – the place you call home.

We believe business should be a force for good and intend to demonstrate it daily.  We believe that doing good business means doing good things inside our business for our clients, partners, and community as a whole.  Our intention is that all who come in contact with our organization are better for the experience – our team members, our clients, our partners, our competitors and our community – whether we do business together or not.



Marc Erickson | Team Lead & Real Estate Broker

A Seattle native, Marc Erickson grew up surrounded by a family of real estate investors and entrepreneurs.  He developed a taste for the game from an early age when he realized he liked the idea of flipping houses when he was just 7 years old.

Marc started studying how to buy and finance Real Estate creatively in the mid 90’s, and bought his 1st property in 98 with $500.00 cash and a creative structure.  He never looked back. After honing his sales skills across several industries, Marc became a top residential and portfolio lender. After the crash in 2008, he became an off-market acquisition specialist for one of the largest investor groups in the state.

Since then, Marc helped found Green Canopy Homes, where he sourced, structured, and ran their first projects.  He eventually helped them transition from being known as experts in the remodeling space, to becoming a leader in in-city infill development and new construction in Seattle and Portland.  Marc has also applied his considerable skill sets to a wide range of real estate specializations, including off market acquisition, flips, major rehabs and new construction.

Stephanie Owens | Team Leader

Therapist turned entrepreneur, Stephanie Owens delivers a unique perspective to business that puts people and relationship first.  She specializes in teaching high performance teams communication tools and mindset strategies to achieve more and stress less.